Planting Information - Caliper Trees

1. Select the location of new trees to ensure that the trees will be able to develop their natural form and ultimate size without creating a negative impact on the tree or surroundings. Clear of underground/overhead utilities.
2. Dig planting hole no deeper than the root ball height. Excavate hole 2-3 times the width of the root ball diameter. If there is poor drainage and/or clay soil at the bottom of hole, washed rock may be added prior to planting. For more info go to and look under “How to check for proper drainage”.
3. Gently lower the tree into the hole so that the trunk flare is at, or slightly above the original grade. The root ball should normally be set at the same level as it was growing in the nursery or tree farm.
4. Backfill 1/3 of the planting hole with original soil to stabilize root ball and keep the tree upright.
5. Cut and remove top white strapping and pull back wire basket.
6. Completely backfill hole with original soil and add soil amendment if needed

Mulch is organic matter that acts as a blanket to hold moisture and moderate soil temperature extremes, both hot and cold Also to reduce competition from grass and weeds. A 2-4 inch layer is ideal. More than 4 inches may cause a problem with oxygen and moisture levels. When placing mulch, care should be taken not to cover the actual trunk as this may cause decay. A mulch free area, 1-2 ‘wide around the trunk is sufficient to avoid moist bark conditions and prevent decay.

Follow Up Care: Keep soil moist but not soaked Over watering will cause leaves to turn yellow and/ or fall of£ Water trees at least once a week, barring rain, and water more frequently during hot weather. When soil is dry below the surface of the mulch, it is time to water. Continue until mid-fall, tapering off for lower temperatures when less water is required Rule of thumb: A newly planted tree re­quires 6-8 gallons of water per diameter inch, of trunk per week. A thorough soaking is much better than light, frequent watering. Consider 1” per week naturally or supplemental.
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