Natural Stone Product

Countryside is the major supplier of Riverstone Mining natural stone product for Calgary and surrounding area. Riverstone Mining extracts a variety of different rock forms from the Canadian Rocky Mountains’ southern Kootenay Region. Each stone is removed carefully from the mountain side to ensure smooth, workable surfaces. We produce a selection of different stone forms and a range of sizes, to cater to any sort of project.  Our stone will be sure to stand out from the rest, with its unique coloration and strong durability.

Our stone is comprised of Precambrian (late Proterozoic) grey quartzite, siltstone and argillite. It is dense, easy to work with and has Tetra Tech EBA Inc. values of absorption and durability. The unique coloration of browns, reds, greys, blues and gold in our products will match any existing color scheme

  • Delivery available for $50/pallet
  • Minimum order of 30 ton for all boulders. Direct delivery only.
  • All stone products available by 1500 lb or 3000 lb pallet

Flagstone 1″
1”-  $554/1500lb pallet
1″ – $1108/3000lb pallet
Covers approx. 100 sq ft per ton
Flagstone 2″
2”-  $443/1500lb pallet (covers approx. 60 sq ft)
2″ – $885/3000lb pallet (covers approx. 120 sq ft)
Covers approx. 80 sq ft per ton
Flagstone 3″
3”-  $350/1500lb pallet (Covers. Approx 50 sq ft)
3″ – $699/3000lb pallet (Covers. Approx 100 sq ft)
Covers approx. 65-70 sq ft per ton
Flagstone 4-5″
4-5”-  $331/1500lb pallet
4-5″ – $662/3000lb pallet
Covers approx. 65-70 sq ft per ton
Steps and slabs
$397 per 1500 lb pallet
$793 per 3000 lb pallet
3′ steps/slabs have 5 steps per 3000 lb pallet
4′ steps/slabs have 4 steps per 3000 lb pallet
Steps/slabs not sold individually
Walling Stone
$288 per 1500 lb pallet
$575 per 3000 lb pallet
Size separated for minimal waste
Covers approx. 15 – 18 sq ft per ton

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