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  • Aspen 'Swedish Columnar'

    Populus tremula 'Erecta' Zone: 2 Exposure: Full SunMature Size: 30′ high x 4-5′ wideTree Form: ColumnarCanopy:  DenseGrowth Rate: Moderate to fast Special Features: Resistance to Shepherd's CrookFall Color: Yellow Description:  This columnar form of...
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  • Cherry 'Romeo'

    Prunus 'Romeo' Zone: 2Exposure: Full SunMature Size: 8′ high x 6′ wide Flower Color: White Fruit ripening time: Late AugustFruit Color & Size: Dark red fruit with dark red flesh, 5.0g Pollinating:  Self pollinating Taste:  Sweet, 22 Brix Description:  A...
  • Spruce 'Columnar Blue'

    Picea pungens 'Fastigiata' Zone: 2 Exposure: Full SunMature Size: 20′ H X 8′Tree Form:  ColumnarFoliage Color: Steel Blue Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate Uses: Specimen, screening, borders, small spaces. Description:  Beautiful...
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  • Raspberry 'Boyne'

    Rubus 'Boyne' Zone: 3 Exposure: Full Sun Mature Size: 5' H x 5' W Flower Colour: White Flowering Time: Spring Growth Rate: Fast Description: The Boyne Raspberry is an attractive red raspberry with a delicious sweet flavour, making...
  • Cherry 'Juliet'

    Prunus 'Juliet' Zone: 2Exposure: Full SunMature Size: 8′ high x 6′ wide Flower Color: White Fruit ripening time: Mid AugustFruit Color & Size: Deep burgundy red fruit with dark red flesh, 5.0g Pollinating:  Self pollinating Taste:  Moderate sweetness, 20 Brix Description: ...
  • Cherry 'Evans'

    Prunus 'Evans' Zone: 3 Exposure: Full SunMature Size: 12′-14' high x 10′ wide Flower Color: White Fruit ripening time: AugustFruit Color & Size: Bright red fruit with dark, 5.0g Pollination:  Self pollinating Taste:  Rich tart flavor, low sweetness <15 Brix Description:  For...
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  • Quick View Apricot 'Casino' Tree Catalog Okotoks Calgary Garden Alberta Landscaping Trees
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    Apricot 'Casino'

    Prunus mandshurica x DurGarfield Zone: 3 Exposure: Full SunMature Size: 20′ high x 20′ wideFlower Color: White flowersFruit ripening time:  AugustFruit Color & Size: Golden yellow with a red blush. 1.5" wide Pollination:  Semi-self-pollinationTaste: Firm, meaty, and fine texturedDescription: Is...
    From $159.99
  • Cotoneaster (Hedge)

    Cotoneaster lucidus Zone: 2Exposure:  Full Sun to Partial ShadeMature Size: 8′ H X 5′ Tree Form: Dense, upright Foliage Color:  Shiny green Growth Rate:  Moderate Uses: Hedge/screening Description:  Dense, upright shrub with shiny green foliage, shell...
    From $29.99
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